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Somnium Space Land Parcels For Sale on OpenSea | Nonfungible Tokens

Somnium Space Land Parcels For Sale on OpenSea

It's amazing to see so many companies working in such a synchronized manner. Somnium Space land parcels will be auctioned on the platform, with the use of a browser extension, the added help of and of course the blockchain that allows to create supply of ERC20 and ERC721 tokens. The group effort from the teams working at each respective company deserve credit for working together towards a blockchain revolution. Perhaps we could also include the help of Twitter and Discord for further helping each team collaborate.

Somnium Space isn’t comparing itself to anything because it isn’t like anything else. The team dove head first into VR and plan to stay there to develop an economy which can’t happen using a desktop browser. You need to put the headset on to walk through the land until you believe it’s real life. Land parcels, vehicles, boats and all items of possession will be tokenized on the Ethereum blockchain while Somnium Cubes operate as the currency. Cubes will be used to trade for goods and services such as guitar lessons, virtual classrooms, first person racing, swimming, canoeing and exploring with people from all over the world.

Download the client from their website onto your desktop and log in. Then you can use the custom builder and save your work on a test parcel. Walk around the world that’s already created. There’s plenty of people to guide you on their Discord Server.