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- Henry Ford

BELL - Chris Bell Token

Chris Bell Token

BELL Token (Play money) Free

Learn and experience Ethereum Tokens with ChrisBell (BELL) Token. I'm trying to create awareness of the cryptocurrency market by having discussions with people, blogging and publicly speaking about the similarities and differences between each of the currencies, coins, tokens and businesses involved in the industry.

Each of these cryptocurrencies have their own established blockchain independent of each other. Ethereum tokens, such as BELL, use the Ethereum blockchain, so you can see the inherent difference in the need for a community and development team for a cryptocurrency compared to the simplicity of an Ethereum token.

BELL = My 4 favorite cryptocurrencies:

BELL in 2018 BELL in 2022

Chris Bell

Development Team

As of June 2018, I'm the only developer needed. Since I'm using the Ethereum blockchain token I'm able to maximize encrypted information techniques with my token without having to develop an entirely new blockchain. I have a Master's Degree in IT with a focus of web design and database administration so I quickly understood cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and Ethereum as I started reading about them. I'm continuing my education beyond my first Master's degree into an MBA with a focus of finance so that I can further analyze NYSE investments via financial statements, help grow my father's small business and one day start my own business in a financially sound manner.

My Videos explaining Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens

Adding BELL Token Information Wallet Information

The wallet can be accessed through any wallet that accepts Ethereum ERC20 tokens. Coinomi is a popular option for phone apps, Metamask is a good option for a browser extension and is a good option for online access from anywhere with a password. Steps for adding BELL token in all versions:

  1. Download Coinomi, Metamask or visit
  2. Create new wallet. Save your 12 word phrase and your password. No other information is required.
  3. You will have an Ethereum address that is also used for ALL tokens including BELL
  4. Add Custom Token
  5. Contract Address (Seen here): 0xf071a4a5086a71af034ae895288da437e2722469
  6. Token Symbol: BELL
  7. Decimal places: 2
  8. Submit - Finished

BELL Token Distribution Format

Distribution of BELL Token

One million (1,000,000) tokens have been created as the initial supply. That's all there will be. All of the tokens were sent to my Ethereum address: Token Holders

Tokens will be earned for free by playing the games below. A maximum of 8,000 tokens released per month, for 10 years. I will keep the remaining 40,000 tokens. Using BELL token for fun is no different than using Bitcoin and we can trade it around like play money. I'd be more than happy to show you how to download a wallet and accept my token for free. I want to create awareness about the industry in general.

Here's what you will do with the BELL tokens:
  1. Learn how to download a crypto wallet with only a long BELL address and a password
  2. It's free. The wallets are all free and I allow you earn free tokens as a learning experience
  3. Pay it forward. Teach someone how to download the app and give them free tokens
  4. Help create awareness by passing the tokens around

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