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Cryptovoxels Land Parcels For Sale on OpenSea | Nonfungible Tokens

Cryptovoxels Land Parcels For Sale on OpenSea

Cryptovoxels has had support for displaying the NFTs you own for a few weeks now, and it’s been a blast watching people build galleries to display their collectibles. Now the next phase of our cryptocollectible support has just been released - buying NFTs in world.

We have integrated with the OpenSea API, so that if you own a NFT, and have it shown on your parcel - we will show the current price and a big clickable ‘BUY’ button next to it. We then confirm the price and provenance of the collectible, and if you accept, we open up metamask directly so that you can purchase the collectible. No leaving the world, you can walk into a gallery, purchase some art, and walk out with your friends, seamlessly.

This wouldn’t have been possible without the Ethereum ERC721 ecosystem, metamask and OpenSea’s APIs - so a big shout out to those projects. There are a few limits to NFT purchasing at the moment. We only support prices up to 0.5 eth - above that we redirect you to do the purchase directly on Openseas site.