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Understanding Battle Racers Game on Blockchain

The game of Battle Racers is played in your browser within an alternate reality. The user moves their avatar into the giant car-shaped structure, builds a car using 4 parts and races against other community members. The game is currently in early access, so users can play for free and enjoy the friendly competition, but when the game launches to the public, racing will get much more competitive!

Play the Game here:

Understanding Battle Racers Game on Blockchain

Table of Contents

Competitive Race Horse

Imagine buying a horse that you plan to enter in competitive races. You can choose between the horse that has never raced before, a horse with A+ ratings and lots of wins, or a horse with terrible ratings and lots of losses. Each of these horses will hold different values to the next buyer. Battle Racers uses a similar format to appreciate the value of your car. Let's assume you and I both buy a car that has never been raced. I let mine sit for 3 months while you spend your time racing, understanding the game play and increasing to higher levels. You will end up with a more valuable car in 3 months, if you win a few races, of course.

Battle Racers Competitive Racing


The presale started on May 21, 2019 and ended on June 20, 2019, and there were 4 different crates available to buy. Gold crates were the most expensive but rewarded the buyer with the best odds for receiving better parts. Battle Racers sold 597 ETH worth of crates while Ethereum was trading between $250 and $300 per token. Every crate purchased (opened or not) during the presale will have a PRIME tag in the top right corner of the part.

Presale Crates

All the crates are ERC20 tokens on Ethereum because they are all fungible. If you and I each buy a Gold crate, then trade it with each other, we end up with the same thing. There is an added function called "minting" to the ERC20 token code that transforms the crate into ERC721 Battle Racer Parts. For example, Battle Racers created several car parts, and let's just imagine they're listed in Excel. There is a random generator that chooses a part based on odds (listed below). Once you own the car parts, you can build your car (Body, Front, Rear and Wheels) and start racing in the game. However, if you want to sell your part in the open market, you'll need to follow the instructions below.

Battle Racers Presale Crates

Battle Racers Transfer to OpenSea

Rarities and Levels

Every car part, including Legendaries, start on Level 0, which means on Day 1 of racing, Legendaries and Commons are nearly created equal on the tracks. In the race horse analogy, The Common Level 0 is just a horse that hasn't raced before. The Legendary is bred from winning parents, so it has the potential to be much greater.

  • Common Level 3: Common parts cannot go past Level 3, ever, for any reason. If your full Common car is racing my full Legendary car, we'll be competitive up to Level 3, but my Legendary car can continue up to Level 12 while your car remains competitive against other cars at Level 3 or lower.

  • Common Elite Level 5: I'm going to start racing a car with 2 Common parts and 2 Common Elite parts now. Once I reach Level 3, my two Common parts are maxed out, but my two Common Elite parts can move up to Level 5 if I keep winning.

  • Rare Level 6: Even though some Common parts have an ELITE tag, basic Rare parts have stronger potential that can reach Level 6 before maxing out.

  • Rare Elite Level 8: Now I'm going to race a car with a Common, Common Elite, Rare and Rare Elite. This may seem confusing because it's one full car still. However, each part can only hit its maximum level no matter what parts it's paired with. For example, you cannot pair 1 Legendary part with 3 Common parts and expect to reach Level 12 with the Commons.

  • Epic Level 9: Before I race my car with 4 Epics, they all remain at Level 0. This makes a full Common car potential worth more to a buyer when it has been raced to the maximum of Level 3. Once the Common car reaches Level 3, it will have gain better stats than Level 0 cars, however, the Epic car still has the added potential of racing up to Level 9.

  • Epic Elite Level 11: Epic Elite parts can be raced up to Level 11, making them very close to Legendary status! Do you want to pay a higher fee for Epic Elite parts that have reached full potential, or would you rather pay a lower fee and race them yourself?

  • Legendary Level 12: Only Legendary car parts can reach Level 12 and there are NO LEGENDARY ELITE parts. When parts have the potential of getting to the very top of the game, there is more to consider. How far have the parts come so far? Do you want to race the car or just HODL the 4 Legendary parts that made it to Level 12 already?

Season 1

Season 1 just started selling crates in a similar fashion to the Presale. Instead of the PRIME tag in the top right corner, you'll see a SEASON 1 tag. The prices and percentages of rarity are all the same. The crates are designed slightly different to distinguish between each sale.

Battle Racers Season 1 Crates

Sidechain to OpenSea

The process is like that of presale parts to OpenSea. First, if you plan to race the car parts, make sure you leave them right where you minted them. You'll see the parts on the Battle Racer's website, and you should leave them there unless you plan to sell them. If you want to see some of the parts, simply click on the part, click Transfer and confirm the transaction. It's very simple, but it must be done individually.

Game Play

After you've decided to buy Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary or the Elite versions, you'll enter the Battle Racer structure to choose your car and play the game. Walk over to the Parts Garage and use your mouse to click and interact with the interface. Once you choose your car you can walk over to 1 of 2 tracks. Walk up to Position 1, 2, 3 or 4 and enter the race. You'll be able to choose 2 of the weapons below. Some shoot forward and some drop behind. There are also shields to block attacks and boosts to turbo ahead of others.


Use these letters on your keyboard to walk around in the game. Pressing and holding W goes forward while S travels backwards. Pressing A goes to the left and pressing D goes to the right.

Battle Racers Track Game Play

Battle Racers Parts Garage


  • Shield: You can choose a few items to help you through the race, so choose carefully!! You can choose one missile from the several options, along with one shield. Or you can choose 2 missiles, or 1 missile and one boost. Personally, I've liked using one shield and one boost, but each person will have their preference. The shield only last for a few seconds, so make sure you use it once you see the missile coming your way! There's a time frame in between, roughly 15 seconds, to use the shield again.

  • Trap: You can also use traps that drop behind your car as a weapon against the racers close on your tail! When you drop them they remain in that spot until someone hits it.

  • Missile: You need to use your aim a bit with the missile, but if you're on a straight-away it's a high percentage shot. Once you shoot your missile there's about a 15-second waiting period to use it again. There's no machine gun or rapid-fire weapon as of right now.

  • Boost: These are very simple and effective to use. It seems like it works the same whether on a straight-away or around turns but play with the features to see what works best for you. Again, there's about 15 seconds between the availability of boosts.

Battle Racers Weapons - Shield - Trap - Missile - Boost

In closing, your goals with Battle Racers will be different from others. You might want o HODL some parts for a year to resell them at Level 0 because you don't want to spend the time racing. You might want to buy a few full Common, Rare, Epic or Legendary cars to race them to their maximum potential just to sell them for more later. No matter your motive, the game is fun to play and interactive with people from all over the world. I've already played the game with a few people from the Philippines and Indonesia! Anyone can play for free when the game is open to the public, but your cars won't be increasing levels. You need to buy the car parts and race them competitively to increase levels.

Written by: Chris Bell