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Somnium Space VR Land Sales Part 4

Somnium Space VR Land Sales Part 4

Another eventful week in the secondary market of Somnium Space VR land sales hosted on OpenSea. OpenSea is a platform that trades digital items on the Ethereum blockchain, which are called ERC-721 tokens. When your Ethereum address owns the token for a virtual reality land parcel in Somnium Space, you have the ability to build on that land without any coding experience. Immersing yourself into VR is an experience that you will soon discover, and the sooner the better.

Somnium Space VR Land Sales Map Size

Eleven small parcels sold because there was a bundled estate of six parcels sold for .75 eth each. The estate appears to have a great view of the water while also holding road frontage with two of the parcels. I’ve heard that there will be various levels of height packaged that can be traded later in 2020, which could allow users to build higher when another parcel blocks their view.

Somnium Space VR Land Sales Small Estate

There were also 2 Teleporters sold for 9.80 ETH and 15,000 CUBE tokens. Somnium Space sold CUBE tokens at $0.10 per token during the ILO, and is said to raise the price based on their Economy Paper. Based on that price, the second teleporter sold for roughly 10 ETH, as well. Avatars can only walk at human speeds, so Teleporting will be helpful and valuable if users can charge for the services. You can also set the Teleporters to private so that you’re the only one with access to that particular Ethereum token on the blockchain.

Somnium Space VR Land Sales on the Map

Prices during the fourth week after the ILO seem to be roughly 2 times the minimum price offered during the ILO for each parcel. Therefore, small parcels were listed at a minimum of 0.30 ETH and are selling for 0.75 ETH. However, Teleporters on their own are selling at nearly 10 times their offering price in the ILO.

Written by: Chris Bell