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Somnium Space VR Land Sales Part 3

There were 2 small VR parcels sold this week in Somnium Space. One was near the center and one was on the corner of two roads near the mountains. Your avatar can climb to the top of the mountains, so it can be fun to live in that area. Also, living on a road-side parcel will allow you to give easier directions to your family and friends that want to visit.

Somnium Space VR Land Sales Part 3

There was only one XL road front parcel of VR land sold this week but it was just over the bridge near the center. The center has a bowling alley, Somnium Mall, Planetarium and Amphitheater. Meetings are held at each of these locations depending on the subject for the night. There have been many bowling tournaments and treasure hunts already in virtual reality.

There were 9 medium parcels sold this week all over the map. Some road parcels and some waterfront. The waterfront parcels will be awarded the rest of the land between their parcel and the water so that they can build all the way up to the water. In some cases, this adds almost double the building space, so look for the right spot and you can get the added space for free.

Written by: Chris Bell