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Somnium Space VR Land Sales Part 2

There were only 3 VR land parcels sold in Somnium Space without a water or road marking on OpenSea. 3 waterfront parcels sold on the secondary market and 11 road parcels. Small parcels are 200 meters squared. Medium parcels are 600 meters squared and XL parcels are 1500 meters squared. You can use those footprints to decide how big of a game or structure on your VR land. Remember, when using a VR headset, 200 meters squared is real life size which is 656 square feet and similar to 2 standard size hotel rooms.

Somnium Space VR Land Sales Part 2

Small parcels also come with 10 meters of height and depth into the ground for building. Your parcels can be set to public or private, your choice. Medium parcels can build up and down 25 meters from ground level along with the added perimeter and XL parcels can build up and down 50 meters making them the sought-after size in Somnium Space. You should plan ahead before deciding which size parcel you want because that’s what matters most.

During the last week of parcels trading on the market we saw that smalls traded near 0.50 ETH in 9 out of 10 cases. Someone really wanted a small to pay 3.50 during this time. Medium parcels ranged from 1.50 to 2.50 ETH and XLs sold for 2.60 and 3.70. With only 30% of the world’s parcels open for trading the prices can fluctuate for similar style and size.

Written by: Chris Bell