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Somnium Space VR Land Sales Part 11

Somnium Space Road 2 SLO Week 4 Parcels

Somnium Space Road 2 SLO Week 4 Prices

The fourth week of the #Road2SLO started off strong with 5 XL parcels sold in the first 15 minutes. The auction price for XLs stated at 10 eth and 5 of them sold for 9.85 eth because they were close to the water and city center. Many of the new users in Somnium Space will start in the center area so there are good chances for these parcels to see a lot of early foot traffic.

Somnium Space Road 2 SLO Week 4 XL Sold

The next few parcels to sell were the only road front XL parcel for 8.80 eth and a medium very close to the water for 6 eth. After that, there were about 4-5 more parcels sold in the center with a great view of Somnium Headquarters. Each of the 3 XLs sold for 7.2 eth and the Small sold for 2.60 eth.

Somnium Space Road 2 SLO Week 4 Second Group Sold

The entire auction of 25 parcels was over in the first 24 hours. The cheapest XL sold for 6 eth and the cheapest medium sold for 3.50 eth, neither of which were close to the bottom price that was set in the auction.

Somnium Space Road 2 SLO Week 4 Last Parcels

Somnium Space truly has beautiful views in VR and in 2D. When you roam around the platform you can see the sunrise, sunset, sunlight with shadows and moon light. You can climb to the top of the mountains to relax and take pictures or you can swim under water with the soothing ocean sounds. Anyone can join for free and travel the world without paying anything, but if you want to be a land owner you’ll have to pay close attention to the #Road2SLO and buy at just the right time!

Somnium Space Road 2 SLO Week 4 Views

Written by: Chris Bell