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Somnium Space VR Land Sales Part 1

There were 6 VR land parcels sold in Somnium Space without a water or road marking on OpenSea. Four Teleporters traded wallets and 8 waterfront parcels sold on the secondary market. There were also 6 road parcels sold that were either near the water, mountains or center of the map. The ILO prices in November 2019 were set at 0.3 ETH for smalls, 0.75 ETH for mediums and 1.45 ETH for XL parcels. So, compare the prices that you find on OpenSea to the recently sold parcels rather than comparing prices to the listed parcels which could be higher prices.

Somnium Space VR Land Sales Part 1

I hope this video helps everyone compare the prices to the ILO auction and to other parcels available on OpenSea. It can be easy to get excited about owning Virtual Reality land on the blockchain, so do some research before you make the purchase.

The map has red parcels that are currently owned by Somnium users and early backers. The gray parcels are owned by Somnium Space and will be auctioned off later in 2020 during their SLO, or Second Land Offering. There are only 1,500 parcels owned out of 5,000 parcels in Somnium Space.

Written by: Chris Bell