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Explore the Somnium Space Map Before the Second Land Auction

Explore the Somnium Space Map Before the Second Land Auction

How many parcels are there?

There are only 1,500 claimed parcels out of 5,000 on the Somnium Space map. The 1,500 parcels that were purchased are being traded on OpenSea for much more than they sold for then because the platform keeps improving and the team is highly focused on being a virtual reality company first. I encourage you to put on your VR headset to visit your favorite parcel before you buy it on OpenSea. That means the second auction will have a total of 3,500 parcels for sale, which means any type of user should be able to find what they need.

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Where are the most expensive spots on the map?

The most expensive spots on the map continue to be the island, city center, waterfront and XL parcels because it’s very similar to Earth. Condos and homes on the ocean cost far more than those in the center of US, while the center of the city continues to be more expensive than the outskirts and rural areas. This theory is shown by the current red parcels on the map compared to the gray parcels. Therefore, if you’re curious about the hot spots in the second auction, I suggest looking for gray parcels that are surrounded by red because it shows that people already value that area.

Where are the most expensive spots on the map?

Somnium Space in VR

Another hot spot to consider would be a parcel directly next to a large estate of red parcels. This is all speculation, but perhaps, people that purchased big estates are people or companies with money that will develop a popular game or attraction for people to visit. If this is the case, you could be the owner of a parcel of land next to the real-life Google, or Harvard University, which means your parcel becomes much more valuable. You could use it to your advantage by building something nice next door, or you could put advertisements on it since you have a spot that people often walk by to get to the main attraction.

Somnium Space VR Land Parcels Near Estates

Are there more affordable parcels?

Yes. Start traveling away from the city center, away from the water and away from the “red parcels” that are already proving to be hot spots. The likelihood of getting a gray parcel that’s surrounded by red in the second auction for a low price is slim. You can certainly try, but you might also want a backup plan in case someone buys it for more than you can afford.

Somnium Space Affordable Land Parcels

Can I buy land before the Second Auction?

Yes, but only the 1,500 parcels already available on OpenSea. The second land auction hasn’t been announced yet. Be sure to review the “recent sales” on OpenSea to determine what you believe is a fair price to pay. I have multiple videos discussing land sales in Somnium, in order by date (Part 1, Part 2...Part 6) so that you can see the increases in prices over time.

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How do I get notified of the next auction?

Follow Somnium Space on Discord and Twitter to be notified of the Second Land Auction! You can also follow the new listings and recent sales on OpenSea

How will the auction take place?

Most likely, it will be a dutch auction where the prices lower by the minute instead of the structure of outbidding. Imagine the remaining parcels of Somnium Space all starting at 10 ETH, for example, and lowering by the second until someone buys them. There will also be an end price and end date for Small, Medium and Large parcels, so be sure to ask questions in Discord and on Twitter before the auction starts!

Written by: Chris Bell