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Showing Up in Google After Website Launch | Chris Bell

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (SEM) Basics

After you launch your 5-10 page website, the next question you type into Google is, "How do I get to the top 10 results?" The simple answer is to write quality blog posts about your products and services every day. Keep the nice clean look of your 5-10 page site while you fill the blog with content about your previous jobs, and how your services are top quality every time. Don't tell your readers how bad your competitors are or how much better you are than them, simply describe how you handled your job in a professional manner with quality in mind.

50 Blog Posts

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Google doesn't care about your 5 page website, or any other 5 page website. Google cares about reputable companies and very large websites. You absolutely need at least 50 blog posts (Owning a Blog) before you can think about ranking in the search engines. Each blog post is another title that the search engine spiders can pick up and rank, so if you have 60 page titles you have 60-times more chances of being ranked.

One Blog Post = One View Each Month

If your website has 5-10 pages I would venture a guess that you get about 5-10 visits per month. If your website has 100 pages I'd venture a guess that it gets about 100 visits per month, and so on. Sometimes you can write an amazing blog post that gets more than 1 visit per month, but it will soon be outdated because search engines want to rank relevant and current information to their readers. You need to write every day, and if you don't have time to write every day you should hire someone to write for you every day.

Linking - Internal and External

Internal links direct your reader to another blog post of yours. Perhaps you'll mention a house that you sold in Bedford, NH while writing about a house that you sold in Amherst, NH (Chris Bell Real Estate). When you mention a phrase similar to another post within your blog, you should highlight it and link to that post.

External links are gained by creating online profiles on local websites, social media websites and article directories. Each time you create a profile the website allows you to link to your website and the search engine can see those links. The search engine has a program that can literally see your online business growth that first came with a 5-10 page website, then your 50 blog posts, and then your external links and profiles. The greatest part about growing online is that most of it is free.

Building an Online Presence - Simple Steps

First buy a domain name and pay for monthly hosting. Hosting packages are paid monthly. It's like paying for the land so you can put your new property on it. (The S in HTTPS means that the domain has a registered SSL certificate that passes through extra protocol for security purposes. [It's safe...])

  1. Build a 5-10 page website
  2. Write 50 Blog posts
  3. Search for the top 50 local websites and create a profile on each
  4. Search for the top 50 article directories and write an article on each. The biography section allows you to add a link
    3. - Press Release website to promote your new website or new products
  5. Create profiles on social media websites and try to keep them active
  6. Write 50 blog posts
  7. Write 50 more blog posts
  8. Write 50 more blog posts

People search online for content, so you need to write as much content as you possibly can. Remember, quality before quantity. I'm telling you that you need thousands of pages to get thousands of visits, however, if people hate your content then you won't get ranked a second time.

Quality Before Quantity

If a customer places an order at a company that has poor customer service, it's unlikely that the customer will place a second order. If a visitor reads a poor blog post, it's unlikely that they will visit your blog again. Not only that, the more often your visitors are one-hit-wonders, the less often search engines will rank your website or blog.


I hope you don't listen to an SEO company that promises thousands of visits to your 5 page website. Each post you write should be at least 300-400 words with a picture or video. Adding pictures is easier on the eyes of your readers, but you need the content if you want to rank in search engines. Don't ever post the same content in two places, you need to write fresh content every single time. There's no easy way out, there's no fast way of getting thousands of visits, and there's no way an SEO company can promise you either. You need to blog until your fingers hurt, then hire someone to blog for you.

Good luck! Happy Blogging! Practice Makes Perfect!

Written by: Chris Bell
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