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Learning PHP Code | Chris Bell

I just began a new class in SNHU called IT-370, Web Server Design which is a beginner PHP class. There are a few coding languages that one must understand to build a website from scratch and PHP will help the website interact with the visitor. Here's what I've gathered thus far:

HTML: Uses tables to structure a page with a Header, Body and Footer.

CSS: Makes it pretty. Using Font, H1 tags, background colors and images.

PHP: Answers questions. Create a Form with a Submit button and display the answers on a separate "../test.php" page.

For instance, assume your website offers promotions and you wanted to interact with your visitors. You could give away a prize whenever someone enters in a specific code. Here it is in plain English:


Enter your favorite color here. If it matches our favorite color you'll win $1,000. _________


IF "color" ="red" or "RED" or "Red"
ELSE ECHO "Try Again"

Don't try to use the code because it's not going to work. The code is slightly more complicated but executes exactly how it looks. You can try the form here: Chris Bell Website Projects to see what it looks like.

Remember, once you create the form, you can use HTML to create tables around the form and place it exactly where you want it on the page. Also, you can use CSS to change the Font, Background and images if you want it to look nice for the visitor.

Written by: Chris Bell
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