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I'm Seeing Dollar Signs at the End of my IT Degree | Chris Bell

I've learned an incredible amount from attending SHNU for an IT degree with a focus of web design. I had taught myself HTML and CSS while building a company website for my father's small company. We didn't have money for expensive programmers so I started using basic code while I took online courses.

I also learned how to rank a website in search engines by simply labeling web pages with keywords and phrases about your products and services. PHP scripting is by far the most difficult thing I've had to learn because there are numerous things happening at once. It takes 3 pages interacting with each other to build a simple log in form. Your name and password must be stored in a database (spread sheet) and then pulled from the database, validated, and approved with a landing page that welcomes you to the website.

Sounds confusing? That's why the jobs pay well at the end of an IT degree. I have 5 classes left and each class is directly focused on web design, storing information in databases and how to retrieve it once it's there.

I've already created a massive company website,, that earns over $100,000 in revenue per month. I've created a web design website,, that teaches and offers services related to design and search engine marketing. I helped a family member create a cleaning services website,, to gain online attraction and she's landed over 10 new clients in 18 months.

That's why I see dollar signs at the end of my degree. I'm going to continue on for my Master's degree in IT/Web Design because it's useful in my day to day routine. Technology is advancing much faster than I can keep up with, but I'm having fun learning all about the newest and biggest industry in the world because I know how much I'll benefit from it later on in life.

Written by: Chris Bell
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