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Forget Dreaming, Do It and Live It | Chris Bell

Humans have easily trainable brains that can copy, mimic, master, and even alter body movements and information. Do you seriously believe something is so differently inhuman about you that you can't lose the exact amount of weight you want to within a year or two? Or so wrong that you can't learn a sport, or run the marathon? You may not master your favorite sport tomorrow, but you can start practicing and you'll learn new tricks before you know it. Hanging out with others doing the same activity will spike your interest level and give you the determination to learn something. Financing is available for most people these days, and you can use it to start a business or to start a new chapter of your life!

Knowledge is Power

Some people that you may not want to call smart have plenty of cash in their pocket for various reasons, but those with knowledge hold their own talent. They choose to learn more every day. They didn't just go to college, "get super smart", and start making money. These particular people still take classes online or in person forever. Their difficult high paying jobs force them to take training classes within the company or get licensed for something in their field, which forces them to study and read continuously. Knowledge doesn't always win, but it's a key to success every time.

IT Degree

I'm 32 years old (2014) and took a few years of online classes, one at a time, towards an IT degree with a focus of web design. I remember thinking that I would definitely have the same job in 5 years, so why not have a degree as well. Classes teach you much more than just the major you choose. For instance, I learned about different cultures and all about the environment. I learned many simple online skills such as saving specific documents and handing them in as a zip file. Making presentations in PowerPoint and writing 12 page research papers teach you how to write and study at the same time. All goals have a finish line and it's your job to get off your butt and do the things you admire others for doing. You're just another human that could in fact have the life of another you've seen. Just Do It® like Nike!


People dream and dream of losing weight and I'm sick of hearing it. It's obvious you like food as much as you weigh, there's no hiding that. Whether you eat it in front of me or behind closed doors, no one is mugging you to inserting fat in your stomach. If it is your dream to lose weight, then stop telling me about it and do it. Be the one that I look at and admire for doing what I can't do myself. I have seen gigantic people on The Biggest Loser that have lost weight and you can too. There's a lot of crying on that show so maybe you should let out a good cry before your journey. Admit that you're going to be in the same spot in 5 years and change things, like your weight and education, without thinking you'll magically hit the lottery and live on an island in 5 years. Just Do It® like Nike!

It's true what parents say, "You can be whatever you want to be." You don't get to pick Tiger Woods, you get to pick golfer. He's already practiced much longer than you. In 5 years you could win a tournament or you can play with friends and get some exercise. Forget about spending money on that new comfortable couch and get off your butt and do whatever you want. Whatever you want.

Written by: Chris Bell
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