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Chris & Sondra Bell | Las Vegas 2013

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Chris and Sondra - Vegas
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Flamingo in Vegas
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Pymm in Vegas
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Chris Bell Vegas
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Sondra Vegas
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Sondra Bell Vegas
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Stratosphere Vegas
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Stratosphere Sky Jump Vegas

Chris and Sondra - Vegas Flamingo in Vegas Pymm in Vegas Chris Bell Vegas
Sondra Vegas Sondra Bell Vegas Stratosphere Vegas Stratosphere Sky Jump Vegas

Our Favorites

This was a trip for Pymm's 30th birthday and we stayed at the Flamingo Las Vegas in a standard room. We were pleased with the resort, loved the pool and donated plenty to their casino. We walked through most of the high rise hotels including Caesar's Palace, Paris, Bellagio, Wynn, etc. Each hotel and pool was unique along with a unique atmosphere. Some had party pools and some were relaxing and quiet. We enjoyed the Stratosphere Sky Jump which was similar to bungee jumping, but much more secure. There were tons of street characters that weren't bugging you for tips but just enjoying the character they were playing. It was fun to simply walk down the street to see all of the interesting people working, dancing, drinking, laughing, taking pictures, etc.

Our most favorite activity was definitely hanging out at the Flamingo party pool. We rented a cabana one day for a couple hundred dollars so that we could hang out all day, dance to the music and watch the crazy pool games and contests. A simple beach ball would be thrown out to the pool crowd and they would have a blast making sure it didn't hit the water.

A few memorable night time clubs were the Bellagio Bank, Caesar's Palace rooftop Pure and the Rio 50th floor rooftop club. The Bellagio Bank club was the only indoor club of the three mentioned, but still extravagant inside. Pure has an indoor and outdoor area, and the rooftop was surrounded by clear glass railings so that you could see the entire Vegas strip. The Rio is a family hotel and casino with a 50th floor club on the rooftop as well. There were great views of the strip here as well.

Some Dislikes

The old Vegas strip is a distant drive and reminded me of the bar you typically find in an old (smoker's area) bowling alley. The street entertainment here was at the top of it's game if you like to watch street dancers and costumes, but the casinos were grungy, low ceiling and full of smoke. Perhaps a day visit would be best but I'm not sure, I won't be back. The HEAT is tough to handle when you're not in your bathing suit by the pool. Dressing up at night, or even wearing clothes during the day, and trying to walk around can be overwhelming in the middle of the summer. You can visit Vegas on the expensive or cheap side, depending on your style of fun, so I won't say it was "expensive" but the big tourist spots are typically higher priced. Finally, there are people on the street holding, what look like, full decks of playing cards, but they are advertisements for Gentlemen's clubs with dirty pictures. They end up all over the side walks up and down the strip and you'll develop a twitch in your neck to the sound of a card flapping against the rest of the cards over and over again. They flap the cards to get your attention and try to hand them to you, when you see that it's a dirty picture you throw it on the ground.