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Chris & Sondra Bell | Temptation Resort Cancun 2014

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Cancun America Town Hard Rock Cafe
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Cancun America Town Plaza
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Cancun Kukulcan Mall
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Cancun Kukulcan Mall Beach View
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Cancun Kukulcan Mall Night Time
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Cancun Beach
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Cancun Restaurant Mextreme
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Cancun Temptation Resort Games
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Sondra Bell Cancun Restaurant
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Temptation Resort Cancun Beach
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Temptation Resort Cancun Dock
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Temptation Resort Mini Boats
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Temptation Resort Cancun Band
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Temptation Resort Cancun Girl
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Temptation Resort Cancun Girls Dancing
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Temptation Resort Dancing
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Cancun Restaurant Entertainment
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Chris Bell Cancun Kukulcan Mall
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Chris & Sondra Bell Kukulcan Mall
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Chris & Sondra Bell Cancun Kukulcan Mall

Cancun America Town Hard Rock Cafe Cancun America Town Plaza Cancun Kukulcan Mall Cancun Kukulcan Mall Beach View
Cancun Kukulcan Mall Night Time Cancun Beach Cancun Restaurant Mextreme Cancun Temptation Resort Games
Sondra Bell Cancun Restaurant Temptation Resort Cancun Beach Temptation Resort Cancun Dock Temptation Resort Mini Boats
Temptation Resort Cancun Band Temptation Resort Cancun Girl Temptation Resort Cancun Girls Dancing Temptation Resort Dancing
Cancun Restaurant Entertainment Chris Bell Cancun Kukulcan Mall Chris & Sondra Bell Kukulcan Mall Chris & Sondra Bell Cancun Kukulcan Mall

Our Favorites

We had such a blast in Cancun Mexico, at the Adults-Only, All-Inclusive Temptation Resort. It starts off as your typical all inclusive resort with a hotel and pool on the beach, but Temptation was louder, tops were optional and the pool games were a lot more risque than we imagined. There were ladies dancing at night when the drinks started flowing and the music got louder. This resort has since been updated throughout with a mostly new hotel, new activity areas and a new pool bar.

Aside from the resort, we had fun on a buise cruise, sunset cruise, visiting the main downtown area and experiencing the Mexican culture. We met a few couples during the day trip cruises to smaller islands, in which we also snorkeled and got too close to sharks. We also rode mini boats on a long tour which was a blast. They were similar to jet-skis but there was enough room for two people so my wife and I rode together. We stopped for a couple breaks in beautiful areas to snorkel again and to swim while we cooled off and had lunch. There was even a part of the downtown near the Kukulcan Mall that the locals called America-town because it was so familiar to Americans with restaurants similar to Hard Rock. We had a great Italian dinner in that area.

Some Dislikes

When you arrive at most resorts they almost always try to trick you into getting a free gift in which they try to sell you a time share. "You want to invest in your future vacations don't you???" Try to avoid them because most of the time they are trying to sell you a package that most certainly benefits them more than you. We heard the sales pitch and declined. The person we had wasn't completely rude until we decided to give a confident and confirmed NO Thank You. Next, there are plenty of street hustlers and beach entrepreneurs that are trying to get some US dollars! They try to dance for you, braid your hair, make you a necklace, sell you Cuban cigars, lure you into Taxis and down back alleys, and we even saw a mother hiding behind a tree while her 4 year old daughter ran up to us trying to sell us bracelets. Beware of the "nice" people that approach as it usually turns into a pitch of some sort.