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SNHU - IT-520 Technical Communication
Written by: Chris Bell - July, 2015

New Product Introduction Memo - Communications Manager

New Team Members

New Product Introduction Memo - Communication Manager

Channels of Communication

I'm going to first create a Wiki with the product name and start four threads named: Upper Management, Sales/Marketing, Technical Support and R&D. Each thread will have detailed information about the progress of each department for all to view, but only the department manager can update their thread. Each department head will be expected to stay updated with the Wiki and to communicate it with their staff.

We will hold a weekly meeting via video conference with the department heads in order to synchronize our data on the project and remain on the same page. New ideas, questions and comments will be discussed and possibly implemented for the new product. As changes are made each department head will need to communicate the change to their staff via email, or group meeting if possible.

The website will be continuously updated by the technical staff as we make updates and changes. It will contain written information along with videos that explain different parts of the product. Employees can follow the website and blog updates via twitter, however they will only make changes to their daily routine when their department head specifically tells them.


It is my recommendation that all communication starts with me, the communications manager, and then flows to the department heads and respective staff. As an international company, meetings will be held via video conference, Wikis and blogs will be updated, and department heads will have email networks for their staff to view on a daily basis. Changes and updates will be made by the department heads and I only, and it is imperative that employees follow the chain of command in order for communication to flow smoothly. Each department head will have specific dates that can only change during a meeting between them and the communications manager.


I'm asking for the cooperation of the staff while we design and manufacture this new product. It proves to be profitable and we all need to communicate effectively throughout this process for the company to succeed and for the customer to be satisfied. I plan to be detailed and specific about who will be doing what, where and when they will be doing it, how it will be done and what will need to happen next. Instead of blaming another department for an error, we need to work together to fix the problem before the customer knows something happened internally. With good communication between all of the employees in each of the departments, we will be successful as a team.