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SNHU - IT-520 Technical Communication
Written by: Chris Bell - August, 2015

Change of Broken Process Memo - Communications Manager

Communications Team

Change of Broken Process Memo - Communications Manager

Change the Process

Our current processes will be documented with a revision level and the revision level will change when the process changes. The revision level is very important for the party completing the task because the system is cloud-based and each employee is required to complete work based on the revision level in the system. Once the process is changed and the revision level changes, the parties involved will begin to complete tasks based on the new process.

Approve the Process

When the finance department wants to request that purchasing is done with less vendors, they will need to fill out a form that states the current problem of the process, the improvements to the process, and how the company will benefit from the change. Once the communications team receives the "change of process" form we can set up a meeting with all of the parties involved to determine if the new process will fix the problems we're having. After we've all met and approved the process, each party will sign the form and it will be send to IT to formally change the revision level of the process.

Updated Revision

When IT updates the revision of the process it will be sent back to the communications team to review and disperse amongst the appropriate parties. For instance, if R&D is to create a presentation for new products, the process for the R&D team will change and they will be notified once IT updates the system. The R&D team will also be involved in creating the change of process and required to sign the change before it goes into the system.


From this point on, no manager will contact other departments to request that they change their process. An email between two employees cannot determine a change of process for an entire department, nor should any department try to control another department. These requests need to be formal, and they need to be researched and discussed before making any changes. The communications team will be sure to let all parties provide input before making changes. Until a formal change is made, everyone needs to continue to operate based on the current revision in our company system.