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SNHU - IT-485 Software Development in Distributed Systems
Written by: Chris Bell - August, 2014

Project Charter Document 24/7 Call Center

Project Charter Purpose

Keep call center representatives operational

The purpose of this project is to make the call center more efficient because it's losing $1,000 for every 10 minutes a representative is not operational. Our plan is to limit downtime, increase system speeds and implement a Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). The CRM will increase the efficiency of the sales staff by storing all of the customer information in one place and prompting them with calendar-pop-ups to call their customers in an organized fashion. The CRM also has electronic marketing capabilities that break the customers into classes and send emails specific to each class.

CRM technology has proven to be the best option for limiting the amount of time between phone calls. When it takes ten minutes for the sales person to hang up and redial, it costs the company $1,000. CRM's are built to limit that amount of time and it can be implemented with the help of our IT department and management.

Project Managers

  1. Project Manager:

    • Oversees the entire project with the goal of limiting downtime between phone calls and increasing the efficiency of their staff

  2. IT Manager:

    • Manages the design and creation of the CRM architecture

    • Work with the sales manager to break customers into similar classes

    • Create events that prompt sales staff to "do" something such as follow up, send sample, quote item etc.

  3. Sales Manager:

    • Creates the classes of customers, customer profile information and automatic call back prompts. For instance, when a sales person finishes a call they will make applicable notes from the call and there will be an automatic prompt set up for 3 months down the road. Secondly, the next customers call-back on the list pops up directly after closing the previous customer.

    • The sales manager will be responsible for determining how often to call each customer, the customer classes or groups, and including the necessary information at the staff's finger tips (phone number, previous notes, YTD sales, etc).

Project Sponsers

  1. CIO (Chief Information Officer)

  2. CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

The project manager will report their plans, budget, scope and time frame to the CIO and CFO to get approval. They will be interested in how much time and money will be spent in order to create a return on investment down the road. If the project costs $100,000 of company time, the CIO and CFO will want to see a savings of at least $10,000 per month within their call center.

Project Stakeholders

  1. CIO
  2. CFO
  3. Call Center Representatives
  4. Sales Personal
  5. Customers
  6. Marketing
  7. Internet Service Provider

Project Risks

  1. Customer data can get corrupted and/or lost during the export/import.

  2. Using a cloud based solution in a call center could leave the center stranded with either an internet outage or the cloud service outage.

  3. The current internet speed offered from our local providers may not satisfy demand

  4. High speed connection may not be available from local internet providers and additional costs may occur to create connections


Project Charter Schedule

Service Description

Roles and Responsibilities

Security Levels

Project Charter Security Levels

Project Charter Not Severe Security


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