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SNHU - IT-340 Network and Telecommunication Management
Written by: Chris Bell - September, 2013

VoIP Introduction for XYZ Company

I. I'm going to introduce Voice over IP (VoIP) to the small company that I work for (I'll name it XYZ company). I want to specifically target a small business with about 25 employees and 12 phone lines because it usually takes longer for small companies to adapt to new technology.

II. The purpose of this report is to show the importance of VoIP software to all companies, not just the "big guys." I will show how the company will save money, look more professional to customers and how it will actually help them make a better impression on each customer they speak to.

III. XYZ Company has been in business for 25 years as of this past March. It's had very steady growth over the years and always a few steps behind the most recent technologies. Creating an ERP system or a website will cost thousands of dollars and take time to understand before plunging in to such costs. However, VoIP software is free and it saves you money per month by opting out of phone service and long distance calls.

IV. The bottom line is always a concern for companies so saving money will be a main point. However, other problems also exist such as making a face-to-face appointment with customers on west coast. This software will give them the ability to build trust and a solid rapport with potential customers and some customers that have been around for years.

V. After briefly researching the software, which is new to me, I've realized that it answers a few key questions we've been asking for some time. How can we visit the new customers we're getting down south and on the west coast? How can we develop a better relationship with them to increase the business? And, of course, how can we lower costs for a better bottom line?

VI. My recommendations for the management team would involve showing them where technology is headed and how they need to be ahead of the curve. They make wire harnesses for companies such as GE, and need to be prepared to do business in any way that they see fit. I believe this software will also require employees to dress better each day in case they are speaking face-to-face with customers. Dressing better for work has proven to make people work harder as well.

Overall, I feel that they will be very impressed with the ideas, cost savings and potential of reaching out to customers nationwide. It's an investment free, revenue generating idea that will most definitely catch their attention. I will mention specific customers that we will be able to develop further and references that prove how effective the software is for others.

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