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SNHU - IT-340 Network and Telecommunication Management
Written by: Chris Bell - October, 2013

IT Consultant for T1 Communication Line

As an IT consultant helping with the aircraft engine manufacturing company communication line I would set them up with a T1 line connection so that it processes fast enough for all of the downloads they plan to receive. Since they plan to have 60 downloads per hour at 2,360,000 bytes each there will be 141,600,000 bytes processed per hour or roughly 40,000 bytes per second. An ISDN line can handle about 16,000 bytes per second and a T1 line can handle 193,000 bytes per second. Unfortunately, there isn't anything in between that can be utilized the aircraft engine company will have to splurge on the T1 line for optimal customer satisfaction.

Like any company in business to satisfy customers, the aircraft engine manufacturer will have plenty of processing speed to handle their assumed amount of downloads. They have enough to handle all other phone and data transmissions due to the additional speed as well. The average person backs out of a webpage if it doesn't load within 3 seconds, so speed should always be a concern.

Growth is always a concern because when you grow, business overhead increases. When sales and inventory grow a company needs to hire more people and move into a larger facility to handle the growth. Likewise, the engine manufacturer increased the size of their website and now need to increase their connection speed to handle additional data transmissions. If they didn't already have a T1 connection then they have increased their processing time by at least 177,000 bytes per second giving them more growth opportunity over the next few years before having to possibly upgrade again. It's very important to their company that they handle all of the requests that they tell their customers they can handle.

A T1 line can help in more ways than one. The company is forced to update the communication line if they want to offer their repair manuals online but, with the T1 line they will possibly be able to save money on any long distance calls the company makes. Again, assuming they didn't already have a T1 line, the cost to update their communication line could actually show a return on investment in the long term.

Since I'm not sure what they currently have for a communication line it's hard to state exactly what benefits they will receive from updating. However, a T1 line processes about 60 times faster than a common residential modem and it can handle 24 digitized voice commands simultaneously. The amount of downloads will take up about 40,000 bytes from the 193,000 available leaving plenty of room for their phone system and possible increases over the next year or two.


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