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SNHU - IT-330 Database Design and Management
Written by: Chris Bell - May, 2013

RDBMS Design ERD Model

This RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) will provide detailed reports showing a list of customers, their previous purchases, and the list of ingredients in each recipe, cost of ingredients and cost of recipes. It will also report to management where to buy each ingredient for the best price and track employee wages. The user can simply click on CUSTOMER to see the name, email address and recipe orders that are either open or closed. Clicking on RECIPE will give the user all of the recipes and their applicable ingredients.

The diagram below shows how each table will interact with each other. For example, the list of customers must also show the list of orders, so the Customer's table is linked to the Order's table. More specifically, the CUSTOMER ID is linked with the ORDER ID because they are both unique numbers every time.

RDBMS Design ERD Model

3rd Normal Form ERD Model