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SNHU - IT-315 Object Oriented Analysis and Design
Written by: Chris Bell - January, 2014

CRM Implementation for Fictitious Company

Introduction (Acme Warehouse)

Acme Warehouse has been struggling in the area of organizing and managing their growing customer base. A relationship management system is exactly what they need for organization. Since Acme is spending money on their system they expect to get a return on their investment and we'll need to show them exactly how that will happen.

New Features for Sales Dept:

  1. Calendar Ticker: Once the Sales person receives the online order they enter it and put the contact into a calendar ticker with any applicable notes about that order. On the chosen date, the ticker sends the sales person an email to remind them to reach out to that customer. The notes will also be shown in the email.

  2. Mail Codes: Upon the initial order, the sales person should also enter details about the type of product such as, "Fiction Book" or "Nonfiction Book". Later, a report can be run for all customers that bought Fiction books so that Acme can send all of those customers' offers for new fiction books.

  3. Activity Measure: Each time there is a discussion with the customer there are notes applied. Each sale, phone call or email promotion is also tracked for future reporting needs. What worked this month? What didn't work this month?

New Features for Management:

  1. Reports: Managers like to analyze certain procedures by running reports to prove whether the procedure is effective or not. With a CRM, management will be able to analyze the effectiveness of email promotions and sales much easier.

  2. Measure Staff Capacity: Management can look at the amount of "Calendar Tickers" each sales person has to measure how busy they are. If Sales Person 1 two days behind while Sales Person 2 is starting to complete tickers scheduled for the next few days it shows a balancing problem. In order to improve customer service, each sales person will have to get back to their customers in a timely fashion.


The overall level of customer service will be improved dramatically. Acme will be more organized with system prompts instead of trying to remember each customer individually. After growing data for a year the system will be able to produce more information about the customer than the assigned sales person. Management will be able to measure something broad such as "company wide sales by item" or something specific such as "Sales Person 1 orders of Fiction books".

Acme Warehouse will be able to stay in contact with more than twice the amount of customers with the same amount of Sales Staff. Acme will also start growing repeat sales instead of just growing one-time website sales.


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