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SNHU - IT-210 Business Systems Design and Analysis
Written by: Chris Bell - June, 2012

Information Technology Career Options


More career opportunities are opening by the day for those interested or graduating in the Information Technology (IT) field. Not only are these job opportunities available the salaries start at $60,000 and increase quickly as one moves up the ladder. The high demand for senior IT auditors, senior web developers and business intelligence analysts is one of the reasons they pay so well. Another reason is the amount of knowledge, schooling and experience needed have such careers. Those are just a few of the many jobs available in the IT industry for those who qualify.

IT Auditors

IT auditors establish procedures and review them to be sure they're up to date with industry standards. A senior IT auditor requires a bachelor's degree in IT or business systems and about 5 years experience in IT auditing. Larger companies have an IT auditor on staff while smaller companies have to hire an approved outside source to certify them as compliant to the standards that need to be met. Having new technology or software within your company requires that you secure customer information and have a procedure in place to protect it from being breached. The senior IT auditor will review the company's processes in order to be sure such things are followed. If not, the company could face "CAPA's" or Corrective and Preventative Actions. This is a serious document that must be filled out stating the problem, the root cause and the new process in place to assure it won't happen again. An IT consultant will have the added responsibility of understanding a portion of each company's business and operation in order to understand their process better during the audit.

Senior Web Developers

Senior web developers work with marketing teams, product specialists and management to bring new products and applications online. A great marketing idea or product will be very difficult to bring online without the web developer who can write the necessary code. Writing code for a website or software program is similar to a highly overpaid construction worker that needs to build a home that an architect designed. However, the amount of construction workers vastly outweighs the amount of web developers which explains the higher salary demand. Be sure to keep all website ideas in your head when in conversation with a web developer because if you can't build it they most definitely can. Senior web developers also work with, oversee and train new associates of the firm. The senior developer plans out the next project with other teams in the organization then reports back to the developers with the details and delegations.

Business Intelligence Analyst

A business intelligence analyst reviews and reports company data to management. They analyze data from external resources to be sure their company has a competitive advantage to others in the same industry. Analysts also review internal processes for continuous improvement within the organization. The phrase "If it aint broke don't fix it" does not apply in the work place anymore. Companies need to continuously improve or they'll fall behind. Business intelligence analysts constantly ask questions such as: How can we improve this process? How can we manufacture this cheaper? Are there any tools we can provide to increase the profit on a particular item? Having someone reviewing and improving each process from writing a sales order to packaging the goods in the quickest way will help your company make higher profits and get more output with the same overhead.


I would like to work my way towards being a senior web developer for a large organization because I want to be the one who can build what others can only dream. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and CEO of Facebook, not only had the idea, he had the skills and knowledge to complete the task. There always seems to be someone amidst claiming they had the idea first but that's their problem, they only had the idea. If I'm to work on or create even a fraction of what Facebook has become I'll have my own code in place along with the knowledge and understanding to oversee the work of those beneath me as the company grows. Even at the billion dollar status Zuckerberg works at a desk next to the other programmers and developers keeping his eyes on everything. By having the skills of a senior web developer it also gives me the option to start a business with nearly zero start up costs. One without code experience would have to pay thousands of dollars to create their business idea.


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