Chris Bell

Chris Bell

'Compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. He who understands it, earns it; he who doesn't, pays it.'
- Albert Einstein

Real Estate Investing

I've had a real estate and landlord passion for 15 years and currently own 4 properties. I did some risky things to get all of those loans and I have blog posts and videos that explain my 15 year journey in real estate. I own three condos that I rent to tenants and one home that I live in. I've also lived in the small condo while renting the house to save for another condo. The worth of real estate goes up and down over the years, but as a long term investment, there's nothing like it. The rental income stays the same for 12 months, the monthly cash flow is consistent and it will soon be enough to cover my personal expenses. Take a look at the real estate section of my website to see pictures, videos and more information about the homes and condos that I own and lease to tenants.

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My real estate videos push and teach how to figure out the annual profit from your rental and divide it by the amount invested. IRAs have averaged 8-10% over hundreds of years, but sometimes an investment can make more than that. Investing $10,000 should return 10% ($1,000) per year which you can figure out by subtracting the monthly expenses from the rental income. If you run the formula and find that you can make a return of 20% you could make an argument for withdrawing from your IRA. That doesn't consider if the value of the property goes up or down because it doesn't change the amount you invested. This is a long term plan designed for your savings to grow while paying you monthly income, flipping houses is a full time job.

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I also have a passion for building, maintaining and optimizing websites. I know how to optimize search engine friendly websites that create visits, and visits translate into dollars. A website owner might have products and services available for potential customers to view. Advertisements aren't recommended for companies that sell products, but for those that don't have the means for holding inventory and distributing products. A website owner should incorporate advertisements that direct traffic to Amazon or Wal-Mart in order to collect a percentage of each sale. I focus on growing my father's company website at work selling our products and services. I also continue to grow my personal website so that I can utilize my own cloud storage and to continue learning and understanding HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL programming languages.

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Optimization and Marketing are the two biggest factors when building a website. Each of the pages in your website are saved exactly how you save PDFs on your desktop, within folders, and more folders. It makes sense to (optimize) create detailed folder names and file names (PDFs) so that you can search through them, so that they are organized and so that Google can use those words and phrases to rank your individuals pages in their top results. Once you create a blog post, name it, put it in the specific folder and label the pictures and videos appropriately, you have optimized your page. Then you'll start Marketing your page by posting the link on social media, and asking your friends to post a link to it on their blog. Don't ever sacrifice quality for quantity because hundreds of posts with no likes will always lose to one post with hundreds of likes.

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Blockchain Partnerships at Somnium Space

After studying and owning real estate and learning how to write code, I found virtual reality and blockchain which is creating new economies in metaverses with encrypted cloud data storage as tokens and NFTs on Ethereum. I conduct business with people all over the world every day because it’s easy for us to send crypto to each other, build relationships and build trust over time. However, most transactions happen without the need for trust because you submit your ETH in exchange for a digital item (NFT) for sale, and a few lines of code can finish it from there. Both parties get what they want immediately. Virtual reality will present new assets unlike the real world, that generate income in ways not experienced before. People are quitting their jobs to work in VR from home and more will follow suit.

bell.eth ENS Domain NFT VRACE Cryptovehicle NFT in Somnium Space XL Waterfront Island NFT in Somnium Space VR Land Rented to tenants for 10% of the value per year

VR Landlord in the Metaverse

I became a landlord because I want something developed on all of my land, hopefully generating income for the tenant. Some tenants include crypto artists selling NFT art on their parcels, singers and performers, Odds casino, and 2 tenants building in World NFTs directly from Unity. Their more advanced builds with almost no limitations using Unity with only a MB limitation. I’m actively renting a 24-XL estate with several tenants to create a Shopping Mall atmosphere with hosted events and worlds all in one place. There are 7 rented and more coming quick! I enjoy meeting every new person that comes to Somnium Space to join the community in the easiest way possible.

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I’ve been renting most of my land for 10% of the current value listed on If the lowest XL price on the market is 6 eth then I charge 0.6 eth for a year of rent. It allows more people to test a revenue strategy in VR for an entire year at a fraction of the cost to buy, when most tenants are more passionate about their talent rather than NFT land ownership.

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